Foster human capital development by improving working conditions and promoting human rights in the workplace with Nkelo Bantu.

The professional sphere is a realm of personal growth and development, where individuals are treated with respect and equity. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is encouraging to witness significant changes within numerous companies regarding the improvement of working conditions for employees. The issue of human rights within the professional environment is increasingly gaining importance and visibility.

Nkelo Bantu is a dynamic platform that is committed to contributing to the development of human capital by enhancing working conditions within companies. With a focus on effective Human Resources management, this initiative, established in 2019 by the International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR) and Sodeico Development, aims to foster a respectful and equitable environment for all employees. In this context, Nkelo Bantu will be organizing activities and events in 2023 to actively promote human rights within the professional sphere. Each year, the platform brings together various stakeholders around a relevant theme, aiming to encourage dialogue between employees and employers to ensure sustainable business development and the advancement of human capital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a world where the role of human resources is crucial in ensuring sustainable business growth, Nkelo Bantu emerges as an innovative platform that aims to strengthen human capital by directly addressing working conditions. This unique initiative provides organizations with a means to enhance their performance while fully respecting the fundamental rights of their employees.

At the very core of the platform lies the belief that every individual is entitled to a safe, inclusive, and conducive professional environment for personal and professional growth. To achieve this ambitious goal, the platform offers various initiatives focused on improving Human Resources practices.


Indeed, it is widely recognized that effective talent management plays a crucial role in a company's success. Nkelo Bantu also focuses on the training and development of HR professionals, equipping them with the necessary skills to create a strong organizational culture based on fairness and mutual respect. The platform organizes a series of training programs and workshops in collaboration with Sodeico Academy, a vocational academy that offers a multidisciplinary catalogue of training courses tailored to both the professional world and individuals seeking to expand their knowledge.


With this objective in mind, this year's Human Capital Forum will be held in the Grand Katanga region. It provides a unique opportunity for key players in the professional sphere to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices concerning human rights in the workplace.

Under the theme of "Human Rights in the Professional Environment," this event will bring together renowned experts and representatives from local businesses interested in promoting human capital. It will be held for two days in Lubumbashi and followed by two days in Kolwezi. 

The selection of this theme is deliberate, as the issue of human rights is crucial for ensuring an equitable and respectful environment within the world of work. Every individual is entitled to dignity, equal opportunities, and complete respect for their individual freedoms while engaged in their professional activities.

By addressing this complex but essential subject during the forum, Nkelo Bantu aims to raise further awareness among businesses about the challenges related to human rights in their specific contexts. The goal is to create an ecosystem of sustainable investment and trade that will ultimately generate more employment opportunities and benefit the population. Additionally, the platform seeks to demystify the mining sector in the DRC and promote a more positive image of our mining industry.

Interactive workshops will be organized to facilitate exchanges among participants on these complex matters related to sustainable development, the media, the professional environment, and the mining sectors.

Actively promoting human rights in the professional realm should not be perceived merely as a legal obligation, but rather as a moral imperative for all responsible businesses. Nkelo Bantu is committed to playing a key role in encouraging this positive change and actively promoting the integration of human rights within internal policies.

In addition to the annual Human Capital Forum, Nkelo Bantu organizes various activities throughout the year to assist businesses in strengthening their human capital. These initiatives include specialized human resources training, strategic advice to improve internal human resources policies, roundtable discussions, job fairs, workshops, webinars, and after-work events. The aim of these activities is to bring together stakeholders from the professional sector to foster fruitful exchanges. 

      Diaspora round table, Forum 2022                                  Job Fair 2022

Nkelo Bantu positions itself as an innovative platform that contributes to the development of human capital by focusing on improving working conditions and actively promoting fundamental rights in the professional sphere. The annual Human Capital Forum scheduled in the Grand Katanga region represents a unique opportunity for HR professionals and other stakeholders to exchange their knowledge, aiming to collectively create a respectful environment where every individual can thrive. Throughout the forum, participants will have the chance to share insights, strategies, and best practices, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that supports the growth and well-being of employees. By addressing critical topics such as workplace rights and conditions, the forum seeks to drive meaningful improvements in the professional landscape. Nkelo Bantu recognizes the importance of empowering individuals within the workplace, emphasizing the pivotal role of human capital in driving sustainable business success. Through its innovative platform and events like the annual forum, Nkelo Bantu aims to lead the way in promoting positive change, ensuring that the professional environment becomes a source of personal growth and fulfillment for all individuals.

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